Bioprocess Training for Industry -Reduce batch rejects and increase yield

Training for Industrial Personnel

BiOZEEN is arguably the only organization that provides this unique model of intensive hands-on training in a real-world environment coupled with the possibility of being taught by well-experienced faculty. Conducted in our state-of-the-art GMP BiO-Pilot Laboratory, this program offers participants the opportunity to improve their operational skills and develop managerial capabilities.

Industrial training programs are totally a-la-carte and custom-made to suit client requirements.

A. Process Knowledge & Operation

BiOZEEN understands the need for helping professionals working in the Biopharmaceutical sector by updating them with knowledge of the current trends in industrial practices, technologies, regulatory guidelines & developing managerial expertise. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience we help operators, scientists, and engineers reduce rejects and increase yields, which ensures a high success rate in the manufacture of quality life-saving drugs.  The topics covered are as follows:

  • Scale-up and Scale-down of Microbial & Mammalian Cell Cultures
  • Bioreactor & Fermentor Design and Operations
  • Process Scale Sterilization & Filtration Techniques
  • Biopharma facility requirements for Production
  • Process Validation and Good Documentation Practices
  • Facility and Utility Validation
  • Process Equipment Qualification
  • Aseptic Process Validation – Filter Validation Studies
  • Aseptic Process Validation – Clean Room Studies

B. Process Development and Optimization

BiOZEEN’s extensive knowledge and experience in the upstream and downstream processing of Biopharmaceuticals help support a wide variety of process development and optimization activities. Our support team understands that achieving high yields, process integrity and efficient process times are the keys to success and help you design efficient and cost-effective processes that meet current regulatory requirements and reduce the time to market.

C. Technology Transfer – Scale-up

At BiOZEEN our state-of-the-art GMP modeled Bio-Pilot Laboratory helps you transform your process and associated technology from a lab- to a process-scale operation through a pilot-scale stage. Our support team with core capabilities in biologics/biopharmaceutical processing ensures efficient scale-up of your processes in compliance with the latest regulatory guidelines

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