BiOZEEN manufactures stainless steel pilot scale to production scale Fermentor which is customized as per the process needs.

Innovatively designed BiOZEEN Fermentor is suitable for the cultivation of microbial culture – utilizing robust, industry-standard components of reputed makes for easy integration into any production facility.

BiOZEEN Fermentor design & engineering parameters ensure:

  • Minimum space requirement
  • Optimized Fermentor design
  • Range: 5L – 25000L (Customized to user requirements)
  • Skid-mounted structure
  • Agitator (Top / Bottom mounted)
  • Flexibility in the configuration of Fermentor to meet the budgets
  • Design compliance to ASME BPE and GAMP 5 guidelines
  • Material of construction
    • Parts in contact with the media: SS 316 L
    • Internal surface Ra <= 0.4, Electro-polished
  • Single/double mechanical seal
  • Easy access during operation and routine maintenance
  • PLC control system with HMI or SCADA
  • Configurable control loops
  • Safety features to protect the batch in case of any component failure

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