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BiOZEEN provides a comprehensive & in-depth practical hands training for the Biopharmaceutical and Biologics Industry. Our mission is to provide a unique learning experience in a real-life environment, which enables the candidates to master the skills to work and excel in their sphere of activity. All our programs are developed in association with the various industries and are designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical industrial application.

Our Training Programs spans the entire drug manufacturing life-cycle and empowers a candidate in the areas of Upstream Processing, Downstream Processing, Bioprocess Engineering, Utility Management, and Regulatory compliances specific to the Biopharmaceutical & Biologics production industry.

Our training programs cater to a wide range of participants from different walks of the Biotechnology Sector namely:

BiOZEEN Training infrastructure –

BiOZEEN Training prepares graduate biotechnology students & working professionals for the Biopharmaceutical Industry at our world-class Bio-Pilot Laboratory. The Bio-Pilot Laboratory is a multi-functional building which replicates a modern industrial biopharmaceutical plant with state of the art equipments to provide in-depth training.

  • A provision to practice theoretical concepts in state-of-the-art Bio-Pilot Laboratory occupying 8,000+sq ft. area over two floors with “what could go wrong?” generators
  • Upstream Processing – Fermentors and Bioreactors of 5L /  40L / 125L capacities to facilitate the growing of mammalian cell culture and microbial culture with perfusion technology.
  • Downstream Processing: Consisting of cell harvesting and cell disruption systems, Chromatography, Tangential Flow Filtration systems – Micro, Ultra and Diafiltration systems, and integrity testing systems.
  • Manufacturing Support: Buffer and media preparation systems, harvest system, and Sterilization systems – Autoclave and Dry Heat Sterilizer.
  • Central clean Utility Systems – WFI Generator, Purified water, CIP station, Clean air – AHU systems, and pure steam generators.
  • The amenities supporting our training programs include a cafeteria, library, auditoriums to accommodate about 100 candidates.

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