Delivering worldclass, regulatory compliant Bioprocess Equipment for WHO, EMEA, US FDA approved facilities that manufacture biotherapeutics and medicines such as vaccines, mAbs,


We at BiOZEEN constantly strive each day to deliver solutions that make a difference to our customers who belong to the niche biopharmaceutical companies and government organizations contributing to the lifesaving Industry. Any effort of ours, that could translate into a potential benefit to our clients, would enable us to achieve our cause.

BiOZEEN has won the confidence of many leading organizations and has been chosen as a preferred solution provider to deliver complex and demanding projects. Key elements of our strength that have made us a dependable business partner to many include our comprehensive outlook encompassing all critical elements of the industry such as from concept to commissioning capital-efficient consultancy services, manpower training & development for continuous support to our client, design & build of customized bioprocess equipment meeting the exact requirements of a given process, thus ensuring optimally designed solutions at economical costs.

With the knowledge base of our promoters and diverse experience and expertise pool, BiOZEEN has

  • Engineered designs which are 65% energy efficient
  • Delivered solutions that are 30% cost-efficient
  • Designed and engineered equipment demonstrating up to 6 times improved yield
  • Empowered 1500+ professionals to serve the industry better and still counting

It is our privilege to have associated with premier biopharmaceutical companies and government organizations belonging to this industry and enable them to manufacture lifesaving drugs.