About Us - Leaders in customized Fermentors, Bioreactors, allied bioprocess equipment and Training

About Us

At BiOZEEN, our work enables companies and governments to make medicines and biotherapeutics ranging from MABs to vaccines, insulin, plasma, enzymes, and APIs; we have the expertise and process knowhow to support you at every stage of your production life cycle.

Bangalore Biotech Labs Pvt. Ltd. with the trade name BiOZEEN, is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, technology-focused, innovation-driven Biopharmaceutical services company, that provides Production Support, Process Support, and People Support.

Our activities practically touch every unit operation of the Biopharmaceutical value chain.  

Design & Build at BiOZEEN delivers customized, process targeted, regulatory compliant, and capital-efficient bioprocess equipment such as fermentors, bioreactors, and allied upstream and downstream equipment.

Training at BiOZEEN educates the industry in the bio-facility simulator with hands-on practical experience that imparts experience through implication than just theory. Our customized course modules help the industry reduce the rejects and increase the yield of operations.

Value Added Integration Services at BiOZEEN integrates process, engineering, automation, and facility design, with regulatory expertise to support each phase of the project life-cycle.

Built with state-of-the-art infrastructure and recognized by the government of India as an in-house R&D facility, BiOZEEN employs a mix of microbiologists, bio-technologists, process, chemical, mechanical, instrumentation & software engineers with diverse experience and expertise who constantly strive to deliver solutions that make a difference to the industry.

At BiOZEEN “We are into the business of Saving Lives”.