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Microbial Fermentation Technology

Microbes practically touch every stream of our life and are widely exploited industrially in the agro, food, pharma, biologics, chemical, energy, and waste treatment industries, to name a few. The processes may differ but the underlining principles of all the aforementioned applications involve fermentation technology. The aim of the fermentation technology module is to introduce trainees to the fundamentals of microbiology, the process knowledge required for fermentation, and the industrial applications and recent technological advances in fermentation technology.

Basic Program: Duration of one week

Course Code: MF 01

Key Learning Outcomes:

To be able to…

    • Apply biological and engineering principles for cultivating microorganisms in Fermentors
    • Comprehend the principles of fermentor design, sterile engineering, process development, and production economics
    • Assess parameters critical to fermentation such as aeration, agitation, and kLa estimation
    • Use proper techniques in collecting culture samples for growth estimation, harvesting of spent medium, and cleaning of the fermenter
    • Analyze problems encountered during fermentation processes
    • Develop protocols for operations from the shake-flask to the bench-top scale

Advanced Program: Duration of one month

Course Code: MF 02

Key Learning Outcomes:

To be able to…

  • Understand the importance of regulatory aspects in the cultivation of microorganisms in fermentors
  • Apply the principles of Industrial Fermentor Design, Process Development, and Production economics
  • Perform Sterilization-in-place (SIP) of culture vessel, mechanical seal sterilization, sterile sampling, and harvesting of culture
  • Monitor and control critical fermentation process parameters such as aeration, agitation, DO, nutrient dosing, foam formation, and pH
  • Estimate the oxygen transfer coefficient (kLa) and growth kinetic parameters.
  • Develop protocols for operations from lab-scale to pilot-scale through research-scale

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