animal cell culture

Mammalian Cell Culture Technology

Mammalian cells are cultured in industrial bioreactors to manufacture viral vaccines, immunobiological, hormones, therapeutic enzymes, etc. In recent years, advances in cell line engineering, gene cloning, and bioprocess technology have facilitated the widespread use of mammalian cells for producing complex protein therapeutics. The phenomenal growth of this sector has created a gap for skilled cell process technologists. To create interest among students to pursue careers in this exciting field, we have created an introductory course on mammalian cell cultures focusing on their applications and recent technological advances. The course is structured with a strong emphasis on hands-on experience in our Bio-Pilot Lab, where students will be exposed to real-world problems in bioreactor design, cell growth optimization, process analytics, and production economics.

Advanced Program: Duration of one week

Course Code: MM 01

Key Learning Outcomes:

To be able to…

  • Use aseptic techniques involved in the handling of mammalian cell lines
  • Apply practical skills to subculture mammalian cells and quantify cell growth using the haemocytometer
  • Perform sterile filtration in media preparation
  • Optimize cell growth parameters
  • Carry out cryopreservation and cell banking procedures employed in the industry
  • Implement the principles of bioreactor design, aseptic engineering, process development, and production economics

Advanced Program: Duration of one month

Course Code: MM 02

Key Learning Outcomes:

To be able to…

  • Apply good cell culture practices followed by the industry
  • Grow cultures in Adherent and Suspension forms
  • Determine toxicity limits of different cytotoxic compounds by the MTT Cytotoxicity assay
  • Carry out cryopreservation and analyze nutritional requirements of cultured cells
  • Upscale culturing to 5 liters using microcarrier technology
  • Understand and follow current trends in Stem Cell Technology

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