CIP System

BiOZEEN CIP system [Cleaning-in-Place] is designed for automatic cleaning ensuring minimal use of water and time.

CIP system has many benefits to the end user, some of them to mention are:

  • Production down time between product runs can be minimized
  • Cleaning costs can be reduced substantially by recycling cleaning solutions
  • Water consumption is reduced as cleaning cycles are designed to use optimum quantity of water
  • Automated CIP system can provide full data logging for quality assurance requirements
  • Over and above BiOZEEN designed CIP system offers our customers the add-on advantage, such as:
    • Space conserving design
    • Skid mounted (Single / Double tank system)
    • Integrated mobile or split system (Volume dependent)
    • Flexible range
    • Varying configurations
    • Minimal maintenance
    • Vessel construction in SS 316L
    • Requisite instrumentation to accord safety
    • PLC control system with HMI or SCADA

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